It is the dream of every young athlete to become a first magnitude star, win  international competitions, get into best-paid teams and ensure a prosperous future after sports career is over. We sincerely wish this for them. However, in many sports, when athletes reach 15 - 16 years of age, it becomes clear, that only a few are destined for stardom. For the rest of the young athletes, thought about sport and studies in the USA, can greatly help them not to lose the motivation to practice. We're here to help them continue with their dream without laying aside the books.

There are about 4000 universities and colleges in the USA. Some are very large and others quite small, some public and some private, located in big cities and small towns, some have high level of sport and academics, while others quite average. Many offer athletic scholarships, but not all.

  • Which one should I choose?
  • Which one is consistent with my sport and academic abilities?
  • How do I find a great university, in a good location, with the highest scholarship?
  • Who should I contact?
  • Where and which documents should I send?
  • How do I register? ... and so on.

These are just some of the questions we would like to help you answer. There are many others. The best results we can achieve together, if you will continue to do the most important - study and practice in your sport, entrusting all the time-consuming recruiting issues to us.

Some university coaches are actively searching for athletes themselves. They may visit international competitions or contact you e.g. in Facebook. However, be careful, cause all coaches, normally, say the same things - how good they are, how great team they have and how great university they represent...:) It is always sorry to see, that, due to lack of information and experience, some great athletes accept offers from quite average or weak universities.