Armands Broks

Agency founder

I'm in the college recruiting business for more than ten years. My first "client" was my own son. He has succesfully graduated from a university in the USA, returned home and is doing a well payed job.


I have repeatedly gone through the entire process and helped athletes of different levels and various sports to get into American universities. It has given me invaluable experience, cause each athlete's path to the scholarship has been different. This is due to the fact that every athlete has different expectations, achievements in sport and academic standing.

Also, the admission requirements for universities are different. Finally, coaches,  as people and personalities are very different. Now they often call and email me, asking for good athletes or just send me acknowledgements for doing a good job.

Every athlete who wants to study in the USA, I take as my own son. I'm speaking, explaining, teaching and reminding about important things, cause I know, that each step in the process is vital to success. To get the best result, it must be done the right way and at the right time. It is, indeed, a great pleasure every time we send another good athlete off to study in the USA!