We help athletes to receive athletic scholarships in the USA universities allowing them to continue sports career after secondary school graduation and ensuring their future with a diploma, that is recognized all over the World.

Along with receiving a great education, you will continue your sport at a high level, live and study in a very international and friendly environment, meet people who come from a variety of cultures, travel a lot with your team and, no less important for international students, upon returning from the USA, you will speak fluent English.

You have a chance to get all this for free, while others pay a lot of money. 



Athletes, who are planning to start studies in 2022 - NOW is the right time to move ahead with all the process at least for the below two reasons:

1) Coaches have limited amount of scholarships to offer and they are being given out almost every day. Accordingly, your options to be admitted at a high level team and university decreases every day

2) The admission process to high level university and preparation for that is time consuming